Work together or die alone. Your spacecraft is damaged in a solar storm and is heading straight for the sun. This survival cooperative game, you will need to repair and secure the spacecraft to survive. Scavenge for limited resources and run the deck down. If the deck runs out you will certainly die. Damage control, resource management, and collaboration are crucial if you are going to live. Will you survive this Solar Storm?

2-4 players

45 minutes



You’ve entered the red zone that brings you within spitting distance of the sun. The red zone is a no-go area, but you had no choice. The risk doesn’t pay off though. Suddenly the entire spacecraft shakes, warning lights start flashing, and alarms start ringing. The spacecraft is caught in a solar storm which has taken the energy core offline and keeps damaging other areas of the spacecraft. Even worse, the spacecraft is now on a collision course with the sun itself. You and your crew will need to use what you can find to direct the remaining power to the energy core whilst also making sure the rest of the spacecraft doesn’t take too much damage. Have you got what it takes to bring the systems back online a, or will you perish in the scorching abyss?