Work together or die alone. Your spacecraft is caught in a meteor storm and the only way off is via the teleportation device. But it only works if the spacecraft is salvageable. In this survival cooperative game, you will need to repair and secure the spacecraft before you can escape. Scavenge for limited resources and run the deck down. If the deck runs out you will certainly die. Damage control, resource management, and collaboration are crucial if you are going to live. Will you survive this Stranded Spacecraft?

2-4 players

30-60 minutes



You are working for a small mining company on a courier spacecraft. You and your crew are currently en-route back from the asteroid belt with a full hull of cargo. Suddenly the entire spaceship shakes, warning lights start flashing, and alarms start ringing. An automated voice sounds out saying “this vessel has been hit by a meteor shower and can no longer function.  Action 0201 must be performed before evacuation is possible.”

Action 7102 means that the spacecraft needs securing and repairing before anyone can teleport out of here. If you choose to do nothing then you will either, starve, suffocate, or freeze to death long before a salvage team comes to collect the spacecraft.