Ayden Lowther

Ayden is an individual who hates to party and would much rather pull an all-nighter to play some board games with some close friends. Ayden was a late bloomer and did not start playing board games until he was in his early 20s. this was because Ayden’s mom hated board games. Ayden’s mom was wrong (don’t tell her he said that). When Ayden is not playing games, he is either designing board games, playing computer games, or watching junk on TV with his lovely wife. Ayden’s dream job is retirement.


Simon Milburn

Simon has been designing games since 2007, but they didn’t get very good until about 2015. When he’s not designing board games (or playing them) he enjoys martial arts (as a jiu-jitsu instructor), films, video games, and reading. Simon received a lifetime achievement award when he graduated university and, although he was honoured, it has led to multiple midlife crises


Paul Berrow

Paul enjoys Movies, time spent with friends and Board Gaming which he got into after finding out that board games had grown up much more than he had. He watches way more junk on TV than Ayden but, to counterbalance this is a much worse jiu-jitsu instructor than Simon.